Essential documentation in the sale of homes

Do you want to sell your apartment or house in Barcelona? Whether you prefer to do it with a trusted real estate agency or on your own, it is crucial to collect all the necessary documentation for the sale. In this article we explain step by step what you need to carry out the sale successfully.

Documents needed to sell your property in Barcelona:

1. Deed of ownership:

This document is essential, since it certifies the legal ownership of the property. Make sure all the owners agree to sell. To guarantee that the property has no encumbrances, it is advisable to obtain a **nota simple** from the land registry.

2. Certificate of habitability:

To sell in Catalonia, it is essential to have a valid certificate of occupancy. This certifies that the house is habitable and is issued by an architect. If your property was built before 1973, you will need to obtain it for the first time.

3. Energy performance certificate:

Both for the sale and for the rental of real estate in Barcelona, ​​the energy efficiency certificate is required. This document indicates the energy consumption of the property and suggests measures to reduce CO2 emissions.

4. Certificate of Technical Inspection of the Building (ITE):

If the building is over 45 years old, it is necessary to attach this certificate to the public deed. An architect issues it after inspecting the building and determining its state of preservation.

5. Last Real Estate Tax Receipt (IBI):

It is essential to be up to date with the payment of this tax and to communicate if there are spills by the new owner.

6. Urban classification:

Verify if there are affectations or restrictions in the house and the possibilities of expansion or modifications allowed.

In addition, it is important to have the statutes of the community of owners at hand, especially if there are internal regulations that must be known.

At Arquitectura Residencial, your trusted agency in Barcelona, ​​we make sure that everything is ready for sale. We prepare all the necessary documentation and certificates, we know the property in depth to respond quickly to potential buyers and we create professional graphic material, such as photographs, videos and a Virtual Tour, for a successful sale.

If you are thinking of selling your property in Barcelona, ​​contact us! We will carry out a valuation of your property at the market price and we will study the best way to market it.

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