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If you are looking for a home or real estate investment, a Real Estate Personal Shopper can be a valuable asset. Contact us, and we will assist you in your search.

What is Property Buyer’s Agent?

What is a Real Estate Personal Shopper or Property Buyer's Agent? In Spain, the term "Real Estate Personal Shopper" has been coined for what is known as a "Buyer's Agent" in Anglo-Saxon countries. This real estate professional specializes in helping buyers find the best properties at the best market prices for personal or investment purposes. The main difference between a Real Estate Personal...

The best Spanish cities to buy a home as a foreigner

Spain is a very popular destination for those wishing to buy a property as foreigners. The country offers a wide variety of cities and regions with different characteristics and charms, making it possible to find options to suit the tastes and needs of each individual. In Arquitectura Residencial we talk about some of the best Spanish cities to buy a property as a foreigner. Barcelona: the vibrant...

Essential documentation in the sale of homes

Do you want to sell your apartment or house in Barcelona? Whether you prefer to do it with a trusted real estate agency or on your own, it is crucial to collect all the necessary documentation for the sale. In this article we explain step by step what you need to carry out the sale successfully. Documents needed to sell your property in Barcelona: 1. Deed of ownership: This document is essential,...

Invest in homes: -Is it worth buying a rented flat?

Buying a rented property can be an interesting option for those looking to invest in the real estate market. However, before making this decision, it is important to consider several key aspects. At Residential Architecture we offer relevant information to help you assess whether investing in a rented property is right for you.   Cost effectiveness First of all, you have to analyze the...

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