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Automatic valuation serves as a first approximation. Our algorithm makes a real estate appraisal at market price with the data from the latest sales in your area. The characteristics of the home also matter in the valuation.

The offer of flats or inventory and the closing prices of the last sales and the characteristics of the witnesses, houses sold similar to yours.

  1. Location
  2. Age of the building and conservation
  3. Area and number of bedrooms
  4. Number of bathrooms and toilets
  5. Exterior or interior, with terrace or balcony.
  6. Height and orientation
  7. Concierge elevator and other services.
  8. Renovated, brand new, without reform.
  9. Energy efficiency.

If you decide to sell your house or need an assessment to accept an inheritance at the notary. Contact us and one of our real estate professionals will visit the property to make an appraisal with all the precise information. We help you set the right sale price. The price is one of the most relevant factors to be successful in the operation.

Evolution of the price of housing in Barcelona

Gráfico de evolución de precios de la vivienda en Barcelona

Evolution of housing prices in Barcelona by neighbourhoods.

The prices of the houses vary as we have said depending on the Neighbourhood. In Barcelona, the neighbourhoods with the highest price per square meter are Sant Gervasi, Les Corts and the Eixample. Within neighbourhoods, prices also vary depending on the district. Even sometimes crossing a street can represent a relevant price change.

Most relevant features of a home for its valuation

In Barcelona, depending on which neighbourhood the house is in, the price varies a lot. The value of the land where the property is located has a great impact on the price. We not only have to look at the physical characteristics of the floor in question:

  1. Age of the building and conservation. Depending on the age of the farm, and the maintenance that it has had, the floor will have a higher or lower value. Nowadays, this is easily determined with the TECHNICAL INSPECTION OF THE BUILDING. This report shows us if the building is well maintained or if urgent maintenance works need to be done.
  2. Area and number of bedrooms. The surface and the number of bedrooms of the property are also determinants of the price. In general, a flat with the same surface area is more valuable if it has 3 bedrooms than if it only has 2. It covers the needs of more potential customers.
  3. Number of bathrooms and toilets. The number of bathrooms is a relevant data, especially for homes that are going to be acquired by families.
    Whether it is exterior or interior, with a terrace or balcony. In general, exterior homes with a balcony or terrace are more valued than homes that do not have an exit. There are exceptions in which an interior home may be more valued. When the street is very noisy, and the south orientation faces a beautiful area, it is possible that the interior floors of a building have more value.
  4. Height and orientation. In buildings with an elevator, high floors will always be valued more. The south orientation, or mountain side in Barcelona, are highly valued because they reduce energy consumption. Elevator, concierge and other services. The fact of having a doorman or concierge is highly appreciated in some areas, but it is true that it makes community expenses more expensive.
  5. Renovated, brand new, without reform. It is clear that a renovated home is always more valued.
  6. Energy efficiency. The population is increasingly aware of the importance of not contaminating and reducing consumption. Especially now that energy is getting very expensive.

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