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We are the third generation of real estate professionals and work with the top real estate associations in Barcelona to sell your property quickly at the best possible price.

We’re a small, highly professional team: we have specialised estate agents who speak several languages, architects and economists to resolve any questions that may arise over the course of selling your property.

We are located in the upper area of ​​Barcelona, ​​in Bonanova. Our area of ​​activity is mainly Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Bonanova, Tres Torres, Galvany and Putget, in which we have spacious second-hand homes, renovated and to be reformed. Penthouses with terrace and flats in various heights. We also have buildings, unique homes, offices and commercial premises.

We’ve guided more than 500 families and investors through the most important purchase of their lives. With more than 500 properties sold, mainly in the city and province of Barcelona, we are very proud to have reached this milestone. This has allowed us to consolidate our portfolio of potential buyers and investors who trust our judgement and guidance.

We have potential buyers from Spain (50%) and abroad (50%), mainly from Europe.



We are specialists in the sale of apartments in Barcelona. We sell all types of homes. Families willing to change their home for a larger one, those that need a smaller apartment, or a smaller one when children leave home. We manage all types of sales. If you need to:

Sell your flat fast.

An optimal sale takes time. You need to study and prepare legal documents of the property, and stage it when necessary. Besides, you have to implement the marketing plan. Negotiation of the terms of the sale. It usually takes two or three months to complete the sail. But for those cases in which an urgent sale is required, we can offer your property to one of our investors who will make a quick offer in cash. Selling fast a flat in Barcelona is possible. The city has a stable demand.

Sell ​​your flat to buy another.

We make it easy for you. The main concern is usually how to coordinate the two sales. There are legal solutions to avoid incidents. We take care of everything, and we negotiate both the sale and the purchase to coordinate both transaction to run smoothly.

Sell a flat with a mortgage.

The mortgage is not inconvenient to sell your flat. We take care of lifting the charges at the notary just before the sale for you, to avoid having impediments at the deeds. You may cancel the current mortgage and get a mortgage approval for your new home.

Sell inherited flat.

If you are going to accept an inheritance that contains real estate, it is important to decide if you will maintain the properties as you intend to sell them. The property valuation strategy will be different if your intention is to sell the inherited properties due to the taxation policies in the different transactions.

Sell flat with tourist licence.

The sale of a flat with a tourist licence in a special sale. We are actually selling a business to investors. Although the situation influences profitability, the investor will ask, in addition to the usual data on the property, the history of the income obtained and data on the tourist licence and incidents that may have occurred in the tourist flat, during the operation of the rental.

Contact us for more information about tourist flats.

Sell a rented flat.

Among our client portfolio there are investors willing to buy rented properties with good profitability or in prime locations in Barcelona Capital. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to sell a rented flat.

Sell flat due to divorce.

In the case of selling a property by separation, the most common thing is to hire a real estate professional agreed between the parties. We are used to handling these sensitive situations with diligence.


Jaume Subirana foto
I invested some savings following the advice of Arquitectura Residencial. And I’ve seen good return.
by Jaume Subirana
Lawyer and economist, NOVAGEST
Jordi Moline foto
I needed to sell a flat quickly in a complicated neighborhood and the Arquitectura Residencial team got a buyer and they made all the paperwork
by Jordi Moliné
Sanitary professional
Moving house was very easy with Arquitectura Residencial. The people who bought our home were foreigners and Arquitectura Residencial team took care of all the paperwork to comply with the Money Laundering Act. Plus, they’re overseeing the remodel on the new flat.
by Mónica Glaenzel
Amparo Jiménez foto
I found my flat in the prime district thanks to Arquitectura Residencial. Moving house was easier than I expected. They took care of everything.
by Amparo Jiménez
Retired Administrative


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